Consumer Promotions References

New York Daily News - Scratch 2 Win

I have always found SCAinteractive to be more than qualified among the myriad projects I have asked them to bid on.  They have had our online marketing and sweepstakes business for a number of years now and have done such excellent work that we have asked them to work on even larger proposals as the years have gone by.

In fact, we awarded SCAinteractive with our largest and singularly most important marketing program - a newspaper scratch game that is run 34 weeks annually.  This initiative is important to all aspects of our business and requires a disciplined approach across many platforms. SCAinteractive will continue to have this business as their work speaks for itself.

Their ideas, beyond state of the art reporting procedures, prompt attention to our needs, etc., have all been greater than our already high expectations.  Most importantly, all work is conducted without incident, which, in any aspect of business, is invaluable.

- Director of Promotions, New York Daily News

Coors Light - Yard Card Promotion

Our internal MillerCoors folks and the individual Applebee’s I speak to believe the Yard Card Promotion is one of the best programs they’ve ever seen. The cards do in fact drive repeat visits/purchases and the program is incredibly simple to execute.

I personally think it’s one of the most effective and unique promotions I’ve seen in the on-premise channel. I’m pleased, so far, with the participation of the guests and more so the participation of the Applebee’s franchise system. This is hands down the largest “takes" of any national program [we have run].

- Account Executive,  MillerCoors

GEICO - Cash for Gas

SCA has been a great partner. They are timely, easy to work with and upfront about costs. We are and plan on continuing to work with SCA in the future. They truely are experts in their field.

- Sales Manager, GEICO

WBRZ Radio Raleigh, NC - Buzz Big Bracket Contest

Our contest went off great - without a hitch.  The software and site host were outstanding.  Both our listeners and our paying sponsors were very happy.  The contest included many extras that were valuable for both the listeners and the clients such as weekly e-mail updates, automatic scoring and more.

I must say, this contest was a last minute idea for us. Over a half-million hits later to our website - we're happy campers.

- General Manager, WBRZ Radio Raleigh, NC