Explore, Experience & Win!

AT&T was interested in a promotion that would drive consumers into AT&T locations. A combination direct mail and online contest was created to achieve this objective. For the Explore, Experience & Win program there were two ways to play. First, contestants could scratch off the gold bar on the prize panel of a direct mail invitation they received to reveal their game code and bring it to their local participating AT&T company owned retail store to play. Using a kiosk set-up in the store, they were first asked to confirm their eligibility to play and then were asked to enter their game code. After entering in their game code, contestants played an advergame revealing images of a number of the products available in the retail location. Matching three images would return a winning message and direct the contestant to a prize claim form to be filled out on the spot. After playing the matching game, a bonus game code could also be played for a chance to win $100,000 instantly.