Crack the Cobalt Code

Chevrolet wanted to have fun and offer a big prize with the launch of their brand new Chevy Cobalt.  To do this, Chevy offered up a Chevy Cobalt SS Coupe and sought SCAinteractive's help to design a promotion to drive awareness and web traffic. For Crack the Cobalt Code, clients visited the contest website and registered, providing consumer data and market research opportunities for Chevy. Contestants were then presented with four "vault-like" dials with which to enter a code. By turning the knobs, their code was displayed in windows below the dials. Once their desired code had been entered, the contestant would select the submit button and then be told if they had opened the vault and won a new Cobalt. The contest was a huge success as sales over the contest period rose significantly. A similar type contest is planned for the near future.