Case Studies

CBC : Hockey Night In Canada Playoff Fantasy Pool

CBC capitalized on the excitement of a Fantasy Hockey Pool to leverage their NHL playoff coverage. By integrating their various media platforms around the promotion, CBC dramatically increased web traffic and created value for their sponsor.

CBC used telecasts to encourage their audience to participate in the Kia-sponsored promotion. Over the course of the playoffs, contestants visited the CBC website often to review stats, read analysis, and modify their pool selections. Additional features supporting TV commentator involvement increased participant engagement, which generated more exposure for both CBC and Kia.


  • Leverage broadcast coverage to increase website traffic and impressions and expand database
  • Incorporate web and broadcast media to increase playoff viewership
  • Provide sponsor (Kia) valuable and effective web and TV advertising opportunities


  • Branded playoff hockey fantasy pool based around a “salary cap” selection system
  • Frequent return website visits required to play and modify selections
  • Incorporation of broadcast and online channels increased contestant engagement
  • Drove contestants to CBC content sites
  • Customized prizing options


  • Promoted on web and TV media channels to enhance audience engagement
  • Generated sponsorship value through ad placement and branding opportunities


  • Consistently the largest hockey pool in Canada year after year
  • Proved an effective bridge between CBC’s online and broadcast media channels
  • Generated a valuable database of demographic information
  • Sponsor brand exposure from TV, web and emails far exceeded expectations