Case Studies

Goya Foods : Bye Bye Bills

Goya Foods, through its agency Marketing Visions Inc., worked with SCAinteractive to design a collect and win program for consumers offering an incredible prize of $5,000 per month for life. The Bye Bye Bills contest was just the thing consumers needed in a tough economy, and the incredible traffic generated by the promotion proved that big prizes attract attention. The program leveraged on-package and in-store promotion to drive consumers to the website. Once there, consumers could access the contest daily to collect calendar game pieces in an attempt to collect all twelve months. Collect all twelve months and you win the $1.3 million grand prize.

While visiting the site, consumers played a Goya branded game where they selected a can of Goya product from a spinning lazy susan.  Goya product impressions counted in the millions and consumers were also provided access to recipes from the website.


  • Drive visits to and recipe sites
  • Build opt-in database
  • Leverage in-market on-pack promotion with comparable online game


  • Online instant win and collect and win promotion
  • $5000 / month for life prize (using prize coverage)


  • Contest flashed on product
  • Email campaign to existing site users
  • Offline version ran concurrent to online program


  • Increased sales
  • Significant increase to opt-in database
  • Millions of Goya brand impressions